Boss Withholds $10,000 Wages From Just One Worker

Harvinder (Harry) Singh Sidhu also owes many others.
Many people have been moved by Vikram’s plight and we have been flooded by messages of support. Mr Harvinder (Harry) Singh Sidhu has also engaged with us and we look forward to achieving justice for Vikram.

Case Filed Against Exploiter

Harry Sidhu is accused of brazenly exploiting vulnerable migrant workers.

The Migrant Workers Association is representing a former employee, Vikram* (*name has been changed to protect the worker). We have authorised One Union to file a case against Sidhu’s company, Central Care and Settlement Services Limited, in the Auckland Employment Relations Authority.  We allege Sidhu is grossly underpaying other employees too.

Vikram’s story

Vikram began working for Sidhu on 1 November 2019 as a Business Operations Manager. Vikram says he was made to work 85 hours per week.  His employment agreement shows he was to be paid $62,500 per annum for 40 hours a week ($30 an hour). Because he was not paid for most of his hours, his effective hourly rate was $14 – well below the minimum wage.

Though Vikram worked for Sidhu for 12 weeks, he says was only paid four times for a total of $2,800. It seems clear Sidhu made no PAYE payments.

Vikram was given his job offer letter in October and started work officially on 1 November. But he didn’t get his employment agreement until December. He says he received no payments for November.

Vikram had two roles: providing security guards for several locations, and managing several other businesses owned by Sidhu throughout Auckland. This required Vikram to travel long distances on a daily basis. Vikram’s contract included his travel costs. According to IRD rates, he is owed over $5,000. He has received nothing.

Other employees pleaded Vikram to help get their wages from Sidhu. Vikram on occasion paid other employees out of his own pocket, as he didn’t want them to suffer the same exploitation he was.

Vikram says he contacted Sidhu numerous times to get himself and other staff paid, but Sidhu kept saying he was too busy. Sidhu even had the cheek to remind Vikram, as a manager, of his “employment responsibilities.”

After numerous attempts to get these matters resolved, and facing financial destitution, Vikram was finally pushed to despair. He felt he had no choice but to cease working for Sidhu on 22 January.

Vikram claims that others are able to contact Harry on the same phone numbers. It is clear he has chosen to evade all communications regarding his alleged exploitation.

With your support we will find justice for Vikram and his workmates.

Boss in Hiding

The Personal Grievance sent to Sidhu accuses him of deliberately abusing his power as an employer. It alleges deliberate and callous behaviour that puts him at the extreme end of exploitation. Our case filings claim wage arrears, payment for public holidays, annual leave entitlements, compensation, reimbursement of expenses, and legal penalties against Sidhu personally, and his company Central Care and Settlement Services Ltd.

Multiple attempts have been made to contact Harry Sidhu by the Migrant Workers Association, One Union, and MBIE’s Employment Mediation Services. He has been unreachable and has blocked the phone numbers of One Union staff members.

Harvinder Singh Sidhu
One of Harry’s Auckland businesses, Asian Food World at 955 New North Road Mt Albert. Auckland.

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